It has been almost 2 months since the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne. With a more refined Meta and statistics, we felt that there are certain cards that have improved the archetypes of various classes. We plan to help you maximize your dust utilization (especially budget players) for each expansion so we’ll take rarity into consideration when including the cards on our list. Here, we are going to feature several cards from each class which fulfills these criteria, regardless of its rarity:

  1. Contributes to the high win-rate of current top performing decks.
  2. A good stand-alone card in general and has great synergy with the cards in the deck.
  3. Long-term value and has a high likelihood to be viable in the upcoming expansions.
  4. Versatility to be able to be played in several decks builds is a great bonus


Righteous Protector

Unfortunately due to the nerf of Murloc Warleader, Paladin’s place in the metagame has declined significantly. Righteous Protector is the only Paladin card that is worth crafting this expansion due to the historical power or Argent Squire. It’s a great card played on curve and not too shabby in the late game. It serves a similar role as Annoy-o-tron, a cheap taunt minion that blocks 2 attacks from opposing minions.


Frost Lich Jaina

The finisher of Control Mage which turns Mage’s small pings into potentially mid-sized threats every turn, forcing your opponent to proceed cautiously out of fear of snowballing. Control Mage is not a popular choice in ladder right now due to the prominence of Tempo Rogue, but we feel that it’s a good standalone card that will get better with further support.

Ghastly Conjurer

A 2/6 body for 4 mana is considered pretty efficient for a defensive minion. It also generates relevant spells for Quest Mage because the archetype needs time to assemble its combo pieces, especially in the early game.



Similar to Paladin, Hunter also has only one card that is worth crafting this expansion. Most pros severely underrated Bearshark during its reveal because Hunter already has a plethora of strong 3 mana cards such as Animal Companion, Eaglehorn Bow, and Kill Command. The card is known best as “The Priest Killer” because Priest has no way of killing this card when played on curve, quickly ending games when paired with Houndmaster the following turn. I believe this card will show its true potential when Hunter receives more relevant cards in the future, As opposed to something like Deathstalker Rexxar which is counterproductive to what Hunter generally wants to do, which is to kill the opponent quickly.



Once again, a class that has only one card worth crafting. I know I know, the top archetype of this class, the notorious Tempo Rogue doesn’t even play a single copy of this card, so why bother crafting this card? 3/2 weapons have always been relevant to the game and all of them are now 3 mana after the Fiery War Axe nerf. Rogue is a class that utilizes life total as a general resource due to its inherent hero power, helping to efficiently trade with the board. This is arguably the second best 3/2 weapon in the Standard metagame after Rallying Blade. For a rare, this a relatively is a safe investment as compared to Valeera the Hollow, which has a lot of combo potential but we would argue that it’s not as good of an investment unless you are a true Rogue lover.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3 of this article!