Once again we’re back to cover the next 3 classes for the Knights of the Frozen Throne Crafting Guide. If you have not seen Part 1 of the guide, do check it out! We are going to feature several cards from each class which fulfills these criteria, regardless of its rarity:

  1. Contributes to the high win-rate of current top performing decks.
  2. A good stand-alone card in general and has great synergy with the cards in the deck.
  3. Long-term value and has a high likelihood to be viable in the upcoming expansions.
  4. Versatility to be able to be played in several decks builds is a great bonus


Malfurion the Pestilence

Arguably the strongest Death Knight when it was released, especially in Jade Druid shell. This card’s ability might not be the flashiest when you read it, but most of the time its ability is very efficient regardless of board state. This card can be a decider in Jade Druid mirror and its synergy with Fandral Staghelm is not something to be overlooked.

Spreading Plague

Druid has been struggling with dealing with a wide board from time to time. This card was far too powerful pre-nerf at 5 mana and it’s somewhat balanced at 6 mana. It’s a significant nerf, but we would argue that the change is not as devastating compared to cards with lower mana cost (for example, Fiery War Axe change which completely kicks Pirate Warrior out of the metagame) so that it’s still a craft-worthy card. With over 20 life total on turn 6, 1 Spreading Plague increases the Jade Druid win rate against aggro decks by a lot and 2 Spreading Plagues is game-ending.

Honorable Mention

Ultimate Infestation

This card is undeniably super strong card for now, but in the long run especially after the next standard rotation, a lot of ramp spells will be rotated out and we predict that Blizzard won’t release new ramp cards anytime soon otherwise this card will dominate the ladder once again since it will exist in Standard until 2019. The recent nerf of Innervate and the fact that this card survives the nerf convinced us not to recommend this card on our list, especially for players with limited dust.


Shadowreaper Anduin

We are happy that one of the top 3 decks in the game, Highlander / Razakus Priest, is a deck with a very high skill cap. This archetype has been refined so many times and it’s safe to say that this deck doesn’t need any other win condition other than Raza + Shadowreaper Anduin Combo. A timely use of Shadowreaper Anduin can swing the board dramatically and turn a defensive Priest hero power into a deadly machine gun.

Spirit Lash

A very efficient board clear that is very good against 1-health minions, especially Pirates. This card is excellent in early to mid game and a good stabilizing tool in the mid to late game. It has a lot of Synergy in Razakus Priest deck, for example, Bloodmage Thalnos, Acolyte of Pain, and can even heal as much as to a Reno Jackson equivalent,  if used with Prophet Velen in a board full of minion.


Thrall, Deathseer

This Death Knight fits the popular Shaman Archetype in Un’Goro metagame, Evolve Shaman. Although it was utterly destroyed by Druid thanks to pre-nerfed Spreading Plague, it shines once again post-nerf because the number of Druid in the ladder have dropped quite significantly and Evolve Shaman survives the nerf because it only plays Devolve instead of Hex. After the newest patch, Unlicensed Apothecary will no longer kill its user after evolving a 1-cost card and few other minions, so the risk of playing this card is lower but the big reward stays the same.

Stay tuned for Part 3, where we will cover the remaining classes; Warlock, Warrior, and the Neutrals.