The last installment of the Knights of the Frozen Throne Guide. If you have not seen Part 1 and Part 2 of the guide, do check it out! We are going to feature several cards from each class which fulfills these criteria, regardless of its rarity:

  1. Contributes to the high win-rate of current top performing decks.
  2. A good stand-alone card in general and has great synergy with the cards in the deck.
  3. Long-term value and has a high likelihood to be viable in the upcoming expansions.
  4. Versatility to be able to be played in several decks builds is a great bonus



Although Zoolock is the popular Warlock archetype in the current metagame, Defile is one of the standout Warlock cards in the expansion just because of how efficient this card is to clear the board in order to survive the early-mid game because its inherent hero power allows Warlock to have a lot of value in the late game. It also enables a niche discard combo with Treachery + Howlfiend which gives Control Demonlock a bit of edge against Razakus Priest. The ability to setup Defile properly separates good and great Warlock players.

Despicable Dreadlord

A solid card on its own and it’s especially good against Aggro because it forces the opponent to play around it in turn 5. Both Zoo and Control Warlock runs 2 copies of this card because this card is very good in any state of the game. The fact that it is a Demon is also very relevant because it can be revived by Bloodreaver Gul’dan. If 2 Despicable Dreadlords are revived that way, it means a free Consecration that often win games against Aggro.


Blood Razor

This card is very similar to Death’s Bite from Naxxramas that was a Warrior staple during its glory days. Although it doesn’t hit as hard as its predecessor, it enables Warrior self-damage minions twice as much. Warrior is not the top contenders anymore in this metagame after the dreadful nerf of Fiery War Axe, but we definitely can see the potential of this card being utilized to its full potential in future expansions as well as in Wild format.

Mountainfire Armor

4/3 is the vanilla stats of a 3-mana card so this card doesn’t pay stats for its ability. The strength of this card lies in making the opponent reluctant to trade into it so that most of the time we get to decide the value trade / ideal trade for our side. If the opponent decides to kill it on their turn, 6 mana is not to be overlooked. Last but not least, it solidifies the early game of N’zoth Warrior and it makes the enemy feels more awkward to clear the board post N’zoth.



This card wins the award of “The Best Common Finisher” in the history of Hearthstone. Every Aggro, Tempo, and Midrange decks (except maybe Jade Druid) that exist in the current metagame play 2 copies of this powerful card. Sticky minions on turn 6 becomes even more valuable because of this card’s existence where the opposite is also true, clearing the board on turn 6 becomes a number one priority because of the threat that Bonemare possesses. 2 unanswered Bonemare activations often win games on its own.

Cobalt Scalebane

This card was super underrated for constructed playability when it was spoiled and was predicted by many pros to be a very good Arena card only. The fact that it has a repeatable relevant ability and dodges Dragonfire Potion in turn 6 often makes it a lethal threat on its own, especially in Tempo decks. This card sees more and more play especially post-nerf because it’s very good against Razakus Priest.

Lich King

Finally, the boss of the expansion itself, The Lich King, makes its grand appearance on our list. 8 mana 8/8 taunt is no joke and the fact that it is neutral, it can potentially be the finisher of any control decks in the future but maybe not as dominating as Ragnaros, The Firelord was because of the high diversity of Death Knight cards that it can generate. This is one of few cards that we predict will be the flavor of Standard format until 2019 when it will rotate out, so we recommend crafting this card over any Death Knights except for Malfurion and Anduin if you have limited dust to work with.