Since the recent nerfs, the meta has slightly shifted away from the Dragon/Shadow era. Vengeance Blood, along with slower decks such as Aegis Haven and Nephthys Shadow have become more prevalent. While many have found success with these. I still believe they aren’t as consistent as the well-refined Midrange Sword/Shadow lists.

Understanding the Tech

Midrange Sword


Mentor’s Teachings – While this card may not look like much on the surface, in addition to being flexible it serves a key use; trading favourably into Grimnir. It’s generally used to trade up when needed, but can always be cycled at a small cost. In those longer games where you need more burst, it can be used with Albert to extend your reach to 12 damage instead of 10.

The inclusion of┬áMentor’s Teachings doesn’t change much overall, but allows Sword a more consistent early game in exchange for the later threat of Fangblade Slayer.


Midrange Shadow


Tenacious Ghost – With a solid 2/3 stat line and Ambush, it’s a surprise he’s never really seen competitive play. Shadow’s 3-drop slot was pretty crowded, but with the nerf of Prince Catacomb it opened up more. When behind, he’s a nice play that can’t be picked off by spot removal. When ahead, you’re able to push this advantage even more. He has amazing synergy with Orthrus, and isn’t irrelevant in the later turns because of Ambush.

Unlike Midrange Sword, the inclusion of Tenacious Ghost very much changed the way the deck plays. More accurately, it was the exclusion of Bone Chimera. While Tenacious Ghost has its niche, not having Bone Chimera weakened my Shadow Reapers, as well as my overall shadow generation. This mean’t shadows needed to be used more sparingly. The main reason for Tenacious Ghost was to have a follower that trades better in the early game, but can still be used to push damage or setup lethal later on. Against Haven he’s exceptionally better than Bone Chimera.

To Conclude…

As you have probably noticed, the techs I made were primarily to increase my early game consistency. In a two deck conquest format with no bans, Midrange Shadow is in almost every lineup. Having more early game tools can really help decide those matchups. Midrange Sword/Shadow are still very strong, so definitely keep them in mind when deciding your own tournament lineup!