This tier list shows our selection of the top Shadowverse decks you can use to compete with to maximize the efficiency of climbing in Ranked. These decks are ranked according to their consistency and power level. The list is for the Rotation Format and is subjected to change anytime and will be updated weekly. An in-depth statistical analysis is covered in this article. You may also visit our Unlimited Tier List which is updated on another page. For the unlimited analysis please refer to the following.

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Rating guide:

★★★★★ – These decks are the core of the metagame and are used by a high number of top players in Ranked. These decks consistently earn wins easier than other decks, and are commonly used to climb to Grandmaster and beyond.

★★★★½ – The decks listed here see slightly less play than the decks above and are less user-friendly, but are still extremely powerful and can perform equally well in the right hands.

★★★★ – Decks that are solid for achieving Grandmaster within the season. These decks form a decent percentage of the metagame and are less consistent than the Tier 1 decks, thus usually requiring more skill to pilot and climb ladder with quickly.

★★★½ stars – Decks that are very user-centric and require the player to be very proficient in their usage in order to climb ladder efficiently. While it is more difficult to achieve Grandmaster rank, it is definitely possible with knowledge about the metagame and flexibility in gameplay.

★★★ and below – Decks that are extremely situational as they are targeted by a large percentage of the metagame. They are usually used as techs to specific lineups during tournaments but are not suited for the ladder environment.

Last updated: March 5th 2019

Ramp DragonMidrange
Lion HavenMidrange

Latham SwordMidrange
Artifact PortalMidrange
Lishenna PortalControl
Mysteria RuneCombo
Aggro ForestAggro
Burn RuneMidrange
Arcus ShadowMidrange
Darkfeast BloodCombo

Midrange HavenMidrange
Midrange ForestMidrange
Handbuff BloodCombo
Spellboost RuneControl
Tenko HavenControl